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Rafael Corredor

My name is Rafael Corredor, with my wife Jen, we are the owners/operators of American Homebrew Supply in Norfolk, VA.
I started brewing in 2001, when I got a job at a local pizza/brew shop in Irvine CA. The brewer would often pull me from my actual job making pizzas, to help him with grain, or kegs, or climbing into the fermenter to clean it. I learned that beer was much more than the watery-yellow-fizzy drink that we would pound on the weekends with my friends. We made an excellent Hefeweizen.
After that…
I served in the US navy, and I put brewing aside for a few years. I was an airplane mechanic and served with VAW-113. I did a coupe of tours in the Pacific – it was amazing, but the beer wasn’t great. After I completed my time in the navy, I returned to CA and worked as a property manager, before moving out of the country for a few years. I lived between Colombia and Aruba for a few years.
I moved to VA in Aug. of 2010, and returned to being a property manager – I hated it. I decided to quit my job and go back to school. I attended the College of William & Mary, and graduated with a degree in International Relations & Economics. During my time in college; I needed a part-time job, and a local-homebrew shop was hiring. I worked for them through most of college. When I was about to graduate, the realization that I didn’t actually want to be an economist hit me like a ton of bricks. Suit and tie, 9-5, corporate meetings, and TPS-reports, was the antithesis of why I was in school to begin with.
The shop I had been working at had been struggling. There were personal matters that impeded the owners from focusing on the business, and the shop closed in early 2018. Two weeks after graduating, I bought the remaining assets of the now-closed shop and set out to open my own shop.
I married the most wonderful girl in August of 2018, and together, in November of that year – we open American Homebrew Supply.
It’s the best job I’ve ever had.
I like all beers, but I usually prefer beer styles that are hop-restrained. I love a good Belgian, or a nice clean Kolsch.
Our daughter Virginia entered the world in Sept of 2019, and here we are.