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Subtle, Serene, and Smoky – Summer Cocktail Trio

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August 22, 2020 @ 8:00 pm 10:00 pm EDT

Join me as we mix up some truly exceptional summer cocktails that will refresh, satisfy, and unlock some childlike wonder.

We will have hands on preparation of ingredients – some cooking required – and create some delicious but practical cocktails that highlight what summer is all about.

Our three cocktails are what I have dubbed the Subtle, the Serene, and the Smokey. The subtle flavors of peach and rosemary will lift your spirits and your palate with a southern spin on a classic cocktail, henceforth known as the Georgia Tonic.

Next up there is nothing like the serenity of enjoying your own garden. The combination of cucumber, mint, and lemon backed by the sweetness of fresh apple juice and balanced by the juniper notes of a London Dry Gin feel like relaxation in a glass. The English Garden will help you drift away into the summer night

Lastly, we use smoked marshmallow-infused simple syrup, to spark up the campfire nostalgia as we end our evening with the best Rye Whiskey cocktail you have had this year. Simple, straightforward, smoky, and bound to make you want to pull out graham crackers and sit by the fire.

Meet your Host:

Jack-of-all-trades may be the best way to describe me – father of three, practicing attorney, amateur homebrewer, former chef, and owner of a small batch coffee roasting company. I live outside Atlanta, Georgia, and I dabble in just about everything including mixology and horticulture and I love taking pieces of everything I have learned and combining them. My true passion is being present – trying to squeeze every last drop out of right now.

Ingredients Required:

  • Alcohol
    • London Dry Gin
      • Recommend New Amsterdam Stratusphere but any London Dry will do
    • Rye Whiskey
      • Recommend George Dickel Rye or Bulleit Rye
    • Brut Spanish Cava
      • Any dry sparkling wine will work 
  • From the Garden
    • 1 Peach
    • Fresh Rosemary Sprigs
    • 4 Limes
    • Mint Leaves
    • 1 Cucumber
    • 1 Lemon
  • Other ingredients
    • Apple Juice (pressed if possible)
    • Honey
    • Marshmallows
    • Wood chips for smoking (optional)
    • Sugar
    • Tonic water (or club soda if you prefer)
    • Crushed Ice
  • Tools – if you happen to have these pull them out, if not we can talk through substitutes
    • Shaker 
    • Muddler
    • Coupe cocktail glass
    • Collins glass
    • Rocks glass
    • Bamboo Skewer