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Murder Mystery – Who Whacked the Mole?

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September 5, 2020 @ 8:00 pm 10:00 pm EDT

Who Whacked the Mole

Join us for a great murder mystery game for 4-10 players!

Synopsis: Hal Sapone, a notorious crime boss from Chicago, has directed his mobsters to meet without delay to find out who whacked the mole in his faction, Jimmy The Legs. Jimmy was squealing to the feds about the inner-workings of Halโ€™s underground organization, but itโ€™s a sign of disrespect and rebellion to clip someone without an order from the top. Hal wants the disloyal thug found at once.  Furthermore, the crime boss has received puzzling notes from the extortion racket known as The Iron Hand. Hal wants everyone to work together to decipher the messages.  Youโ€™re in the Chicago Mob Faction. Hal Sapone has summoned you to attend this meeting. This is where your story begins…  

Each participant requires a separate ticket to be purchased.

This event has been written by mymysteryparty.com and all art is the property of and was provided by MyMysteryParty.com

Billy Kraus

People are a passion of mine and I love creating fun and engaging opportunities to get them to connect. From team-building activities to themed group games, I have spent the past decade designing and running fun events that bring people together.