5 Ways to Lead Your Remote Team Like a Boss Through the Holidays

5 Ways to Lead Your Remote Team Like a Boss Through the Holidays

This past weekend my son decided it was time to put up the Christmas Tree and watch Christmas movies. So we have officially watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” 3 times since Monday.

For Asher, the Holidays are a magical and exciting time of year where he will get to spend time with family, have some extra play days at home, and get to eat leftover dessert for breakfast. But the reality for many people is that the holidays are not as exciting for them as they are for my 4-year-old.

A study by AARP found that 31% of people have felt lonely during the holidays, and 41% have worried about their friends and family being lonely. So while remote work is a fantastic thing, it can only amplify these feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Being a good leader means helping our teams through what could be a challenging season. Here are five things you can do to lead your team well – like a boss:

1. Connect Personally

One of the easiest ways for a leader to show team members they are not alone is to connect with them individually. These interactions happen naturally as you pass down a hallway or in the break room when in the office.

When leading a remote team, you have to be intentional about scheduling time to check in with each member. Go ahead and block an hour every week for the rest of the year where you can call team members to check in and see how they are doing.

2. Connect Socially

It is easy to forget that you are on a team when you spend 8 hours a day in your home office. Take some time these next few months to find some creative ways to get your team to connect socially.

One company we worked with has a week each month where they offer “virtual coffee breaks” to their team. These are 15-minute Zoom calls where the team stops what they are doing, jumps on zoom, and the only rule is you can’t talk about work. This was easy for them to organize and has been a cultural game-changer for them.

3. Publicly Celebrate Accomplishments

Again, it is easy to believe that your work is going unnoticed when working remotely. One of the quickest ways to pick up team morale is regularly and publicly celebrate individual and team accomplishments.

From spotlights in emails to shout-outs during team meetings, it feels good to know that your boss recognizes the work that you have been doing.

4. Find Time To Play

Obviously, your role as a leader is to make sure your team works as effectively as possible. So often, in our push for results, we forget that team morale directly affects their performance and work output.

The best teams are the teams that rhythmically set aside time to have fun together. This allows the individuals to laugh and smile and builds/maintains relationships that bring the team together. In a season where people are at risk for feeling alone, finding time to play will brighten their day and remind them they have community.

5. Invest in Your Team

The reality is that your team is your greatest asset, and they deserve your investment. While spending some financial capital on them is always the most straightforward capital to invest, as leaders, we can also invest intellectual, emotional, and relational capital into team members.

Knowing your team, what would they appreciate from you? Is it more of your time to help with a project, a gift card for a night out, an all-inclusive virtual event like cooking or mixology, or a handwritten letter from you letting them know you care?  

While LetsVidya focuses on providing top-notch virtual events that are fun and engaging, we do so because we believe that relationships are essential to an individual’s health and company morale.

So if there is anything that we can do to help your team feel more connected this holiday season, we would love to do so.

Contact us to schedule a time to talk with our team, and let’s create something amazing together.