Skillsoft finds success with virtual social events

Skillsoft finds success with virtual social events

A lot of the blogs that we’ve posted here so far have dealt with the experiences we offer and what people can expect by joining in on the fun. However, we thought you might also like to hear from some of our clients about why they use our services and what they enjoy most about them.   

Caryn Hansford, Senior Manager of Events, Skillsoft

Following is a recent conversation we had with Caryn Hansford, Senior Manager of Events at Skillsoft.   

LetsVidya: What is it about LetsVidya that brings value to your company? 

Caryn Hansford: You were able to help us bring a unique and fun experience to our clients at a time when we wanted to connect with them in a personal way, but couldn’t do so in person because of the pandemic.

LV: How did you use our services? 

CH: I connected with James Warren, CEO of LetsVidya, when I had a need for an experience close to the holiday last December. Frankly, it was a last-minute idea, but what I liked about LetsVidya was that I didn’t contact them to place an order. I said, “This is what I want to accomplish. What do you suggest we do?”

I have done virtual conferences, but I have not done virtual experiences previously. It was great for me because it allowed us to execute quite quickly based on LetsVidya’s guidance on what would work best given the timeline in which I was hoping to host the event.

LV: And you were so happy with the results you came back for more? 

CH: Yes, we’ve done a number of events with LetsVidya. We did a Virtual Mixology event with holiday cocktails. We did a Cinco de Mayo event with margaritas. We invited some of our clients and prospects to get together to play Dungeons and Dragons with a Game Master leading the event.

The events are wonderful, but it’s really about the special touches LetsVidya adds to make the experiences that much more special. People liked them so much, some of our clients have reached out to LetsVidya for their own events they were hosting at their organization. You can’t get any better than that!

glass of margarita

LV: So, you’ve received good positive feedback? 

CH: Wonderful, wonderful feedback. For the Mixology event, we were hosting leaders in Human Resources. We had several people that were eager to exchange information and make new connections. They call themselves “The Mixology Crew” now, and they’re hoping they’ll reunite one day in person.

It’s a matter of getting like-minded people together, to get to know each other, have some fun, and make new connections.

LV: What was your personal favorite event? 

CH: We had a Chocolate tasting event with an expert Chocolate Sommelier. The host took us through a tasting of chocolates from New Zealand. That was great because who doesn’t like chocolate? 😊 It was quite a conversation starter. I think the thing I’m most impressed with though is the hosts that LetsVidya provides are very professional and wonderful to work with. They represent our company well and create such an engaging experience which is great for both us and our clients.

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