The benefits of social interaction (even when it’s virtual).

The benefits of social interaction (even when it’s virtual).

Into every life a little rain must fall.

It goes to figure then, that everyone needs an outlet to blow off some steam or recharge the mental batteries every once in a while. This is true for your employees, too.

Aside from the occasional gossip session over a cup of coffee in the kitchen, people are social creatures that need reassurance, advice, education, and validation. Social interaction provides a way for them to check in with others, make new friends, and have a little fun.

But there’s a lot more to social interaction than discussing shared experiences or contemplating the weather. Spending quality time with others also provides some very real physical and mental benefits that help your employees live happier and healthier lives. Studies have shown that socially active people enjoy better:

Physical Health.

Social interaction, even when online, keeps people active and engaged, especially when trying something new. As an example, if you sign up for one of our online cooking or mixology classes, participants will need to go to the store to get prepared for the session, then they’ll be engaged with the presenter and other people while making food or mixing drinks.

All that cutting, stirring, and shaking is like a small workout, not to mention that laughter is the best medicine. And they’ll come away with some new knowledge.


Social interaction increases brain function and mood. The brain is amazingly powerful at commanding the body to fight off things like depression, but it also helps support the body’s immune system to better deflect things like colds, influenza (flu), infections, and other ailments.

Even patients who have had knee or hip replacements are encouraged to get up and walk shortly after surgery to fight negative feelings and aid in healing. Healthier employees are also more productive because they tend to take less time off from work.

Mental Sharpness.

People who have something to focus on are better at keeping their brains sharp. While some might dream of being able to sit on the beach or hike the mountains all day, every day, without a care in the world is the perfect way to spend eternity, but the brain still needs to be challenged constantly to keep it functioning properly and to keep the senses sharp.

Social interaction keeps people thinking which also helps them remember things better and solve problems more easily.


Studies have shown that people who stay socially active and have strong support systems tend to live happier and healthier lives, which could explain why life expectancy ages keep rising.

Ready to help your employees live better more fulfilling lives? LetsVidya is prepared to connect them with like-minded people to stimulate their brains, boost their serotonin levels, and maybe create some new friendships in the process.

We have a full line of virtual experiences we offer on a regular basis, as well as corporate and private events we can personalize just for you and your employees.

Let’s get social.