Build your culinary skills with a virtual cooking experience.

Build your culinary skills with a virtual cooking experience.

Cooking is a lot like writing. It’s something that everyone should have some knowledge of and use regularly unless your meal preparation specialties include making reservations or contacting a food delivery service.

With writing, there are thousands of words and variations that can be used to create interesting prose. Cooking presents the same challenge, with so many different ingredients available for use, to create and modify new and existing recipes that are meant to tantalize the senses and satiate the soul.

The problem with both writing and cooking is that they are practiced artforms. You first need to know and understand the ingredients before you start pairing them together to make something meaningful. Then you need to regularly practice your craft so you understand your own personal preferences and what you can switch out to make a recipe perfect for you.

Chef Rochelle Van Der Merwe is here to help on the cooking end. Don’t worry about trying to pronounce her name correctly—even she admits she doesn’t get it right. She also gets called Rachel and Raquel a lot, so for simplicity’s sake, we just refer to her as Chef Ro.

Chef Ro
Chef Ro leads a virtual cooking class

Chef Ro is one of the very talented Cooking Class instructors available from LetsVidya. Her resume includes graduating from culinary school, working in fine dining, restaurants, catering, and was even an Executive Chef for a hospital system. She has taught at culinary school and is currently teaching culinary arts to high school students.

At one point in her career, she also did live cooking demonstrations for Sur La Table (think Williams Sonoma) in Orange County, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Her home kitchen is equipped with four 4k video cameras and diffused lighting, so it’s really more of a video studio. Which makes it perfect for her to lead an online Cooking Experience.

LetsVidya will be hosting a monthly cooking class for anyone looking to learn some new recipes and techniques. Private events are also available for those who want to learn a specific menu. If you have a particular budget for your event but don’t have a menu in mind, Chef Ro can work with your budget to come up with some ideas for you.

Either way, recipe ingredients will be sent to class participants ahead of schedule so you can purchase the ingredients and/or utensils you’ll need for your class. You’ll also receive recipe cards for the dishes you’ll be making so you can utilize them again in the future.

Chef Ro cooks right along with you and will guide you through the entire process, not just about what goes into the dishes, but techniques that will sharpen your kitchen skills. “Part of the instruction is I show them a better way to cut an onion, or I show them how to cut up a whole pineapple for the pineapple salsa I use on my fish tacos,” she says. “I’ve also taught baking and pastry classes, so there are a lot of techniques involved with those that I can pass along to our experience participants.”

Ready to get cooking? Pull up a seat!