Mixology 101: Shaking up some fun!

Mixology 101: Shaking up some fun!

What goes into the perfect cocktail?

Of course, your own personal preferences generally dictate what makes your favorite libation your “go-to” drink. But what happens when you step outside of your comfort zone and learn a few new tricks of the trade when it comes to the art of creating cocktails?

You’ll find out when you experience our one-hour virtual Mixology Class on basic cocktail education. Keep in mind this is not a master class for individuals aspiring to make bartending their career. This is an opportunity for home mixologists to create things they might never have thought would pair well together to create amazing new recipes.

When you sign up, you’ll be sent a list of ingredients you’ll need to have on hand prior to the event. “When I create the lists for guests that are coming to the class, I try to use things that most people already have in their cupboards or the refrigerator,” says Jennifer Peeples, a professional mixologist and one of the hosts of the class. “We try to keep it practical so that people won’t have to go out and buy a bunch of ingredients they’ll never use again.”

Jennifer Peeples, Professional Mixologoist & LetsVidya host
Jennifer Peeples, Professional Mixologist & LetsVidya host

What can you expect when you join the experience? You’ll learn two new cocktail recipes that you will make and sample. You’ll laugh. You’ll play some games and have some fun. You’ll even get detailed recipe cards after the class is over. But most importantly, you’ll learn some new skills on pouring drinks properly, how to use different mixology tools, and you’ll get an education on the drinks themselves. “When I’m hosting a course, I don’t just want people to drink what they’ve made and just say it tastes good,” says Peeples. “I want people to understand the ingredients we used, why we paired this with that, and think about what other ingredients we can use to modify the cocktail.”

Alex, and her husband Austin, tried out a LetsVidya Mixology Class in October that had a Halloween theme and they loved it. “We really enjoyed this class because we got to make drinks that we would have never, ever made ourselves,” says Alex. “In fact, when we saw the ingredients list, we were thinking, ‘Oh no. That’s not something we would ever be interested in.’ But we trusted the process and we were thankful that we did. Jennifer did a really nice job of explaining the basics and telling us things like, ‘We muddle like this because this is the effect it has.’ It was very fun and informative.”

Got an idea for a Mixology Class cocktail theme of your own? Our hosts are up for the challenge. Interested in pairing mixology with meal preparation? We can provide a combined experience that offers a chef and mixologist working together to create recipes for food and drinks that you make and pair perfectly together.

Let’s get mixing!