Pandemic Friendly Holiday Ideas for Businesses and Their Teams

Pandemic Friendly Holiday Ideas for Businesses and Their Teams

Four Ideas to Virtually Celebrate The Holidays With Your Team in 2020

Nothing about this year has been ordinary.  When it comes to the Holiday Season, however, tradition is king!

And, even though it may be difficult to hold too tightly to our traditions for gathering at the holidays’ thanks to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, it doesn’t mean you can’t leverage what’s going on around us to benefit your team. 

Holiday parties and gatherings are part of the magic of this festive season.  Whether celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or simply gathering with family and friends, our traditions at this time of year reinforce what is common between us, and remind us of the great capacity for good we have when we come together.

For many teams and businesses, the holidays may be one of the few consistent times in a year that the hustle of work is broken for the sake of building positive relationships with co-workers and celebrating together. What may seem like a meaningless distraction or office party could become the highlight of the year with a little planning and preparation.  

Reimagining your holiday traditions, while still highlighting positive experiences and what your team has in common, will help to motivate your team as we finish out an unexpected 2020 and look forward to 2021.

Here are some helpful ideas to bring some needed cheer this Holiday Season. 

  1. A “Shared” Experience… Apart

Gatherings are about bringing people together for a shared experience.  While you may not be able to do so face-to-face, you can still leverage shared experiences for individuals to develop unity within your team this Holiday Season.  Consider a gift that elevates experiences for your teams and their families.  

With Social Distancing in order this Holiday Season, a lot of the traditional events like theater are closed. Instead, gift your team a subscription to an online streaming service that offers access to online movies they can watch with their families. Bonus idea: send everyone popcorn or other snacks to enjoy.   

  1. Step Up Your Company Gift Game 

Instead of saving on the bottom line, take this unique set of circumstances and re-apply the party funds to treating your team to a special gift this holiday season and let them know just how great you really think they are! 

Gift cards to the hottest local eateries, or boutique local shops, could help build relationships with local vendors while giving your team something to talk about! 

  1. Do Something Good 

Take the opportunity to get your team involved with a local charity that will help those in need during the Holidays.  Build camaraderie and do some good at the same time, while also giving your business some positive exposure. 

Contact local organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club, Local Homeless Shelters, or Faith-based Charity organizations and see how your team can contribute to their efforts during the Holidays.  

  1. Book an Online Social Event

We’ve done so much already when it comes to Work From Home; why not try to have some FUN from home! LetsVidya specializes in connecting people through interactive virtual events and they are ready to help you WOW your team!  

Choose from one of their many private events. They can even help you host a virtual gift exchange. 

No matter what, remember that the Holiday Season is about taking our focus off of ourselves and our circumstances and on to the greater good.  

Anything you can do to build “peace & goodwill to all” into your holiday celebration this year will have the potential to pay big dividends for your teams in 2021 and beyond.