Convenience to Efficiency to Necessity

Convenience to Efficiency to Necessity

At home I have an amazing wife and two beautiful daughters. I have two jobs and own a business. I travel a lot for both my day to day job and, as an Air Force reservist, I’m away from home a lot as well. My wife spends her days teaching kindergarten and my two girls spend their days dipping their toe in European culture, galavanting around town with lessons in this or that and sports. Our life is the best type of chaos but it’s definitely busy. Our life probably isn’t much different from yours even if your list has different items and we’re on a different continent. With that, I need conveniences in my life and sometimes convenience can mean efficiency. 

First, let’s talk about convenience and how to use conveniences to maximize the value of your day. Before we cover that let’s clear something up. Maximizing the value of your time spent isn’t lazy. No one would call you lazy if you online shop to save time to spend with your kids or to work on an educational opportunity. Lazy isn’t believing that working from home to save an hour a day in commuting time to donate your time to your community center. Conveniences at work can include lunch meetings to accomplish two tasks at once (lunch and meeting) or joining the office coffee club to save time walking out to the cafe. Social time with LetsVidya can be just as efficient in order to maximize time. Do a date night cooking class right from the house and save time driving, babysitter searching, (and let’s not mention the time spent arguing over where to eat). How do these conveniences translate into efficiency? Easy: time savings anywhere can mean efficiency everywhere. All of these things are great ways to build efficiency into your days to maximize time to invest elsewhere. 

Second, here are some ways I build efficiency into my day:

  1. Schedule: The Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force follows a pretty structured schedule during working days: 2-10-5-7. Two hours for yourself in the morning, ten hours of work, five hours for family investment, and seven hours of sleep. Following that time table has been great for knowing what I’m doing and ensuring self-care is completed first. If my day gets derailed, I’ve already invested in myself to ensure I have the energy to invest in others. Mine doesn’t look exactly like his but find a schedule that works for your lifestyle and stick to it. You’ll be amazed at how much more efficient you’ll be. 
  2. Efficiency tools: I really enjoy the bullet journal method but find something that works for you. Something that is flexible as you’re learning what works is best. Don’t commit to something that may not allow for differences in patterns of seasons, workflows, etc. You need to be able to adapt. Some necessities (and things the bullet journal offers) are: 1) To-do lists (bullet journaling codes each item using simple symbols). 2) Calendar: you need a quick glance calendar and I break mine into monthly and weekly views. 3) Notes. you need somewhere to take notes and a way to task out those notes as needed. Check out for the tools they suggest to build efficiency into your schedule. 
  3. Self-care: make sure you take time for yourself. Fitness doesn’t need to be an athlete’s workout but building this piece into your day allows for you to have energy. Take time to relax and disconnect as well. Take time to invest in your spiritual well being. You need time for you. If you aren’t at your best, you can’t invest in people around you. 

With all of these points, things have changed. Drastically.

COVID-19 has changed the planet as we see it. The convenient or efficient way to do things has suddenly become the only way to do things. Working from home. Online shopping. Virtual get-togethers. All convenient at one point. All of those have switched to necessary. While some shifts are probably temporary we will see a shift in the landscape of convenience. People have realized how convenience has built efficiency into their day and given them more time for family, self-care or whatever else they prioritized. We will see shifts in teleworking on the mass scale. Online shopping is only growing its share of retail activity. And virtual get-togethers are the new norm. The convenience of these things have become a necessity. That’s where LetsVidya comes in. 

How are people using LetsVidya in their lives to either shift from convenient to efficient to necessary? LetsVidya allows for the necessary time with friends and family to build relationships while not just sitting on the phone talking about grandma’s bunions. In an environment such as a pandemic, the convenience of LetsVidya is obvious. You can’t spread coronavirus online.  Even post-COVID-19, the world remains changed. The LetsVidya platform allows you to hang out with people that don’t live close to you all while engaging in personal experience. As travel conveniences make the planet smaller, they also make your personal world bigger. Friends live farther away than ever before. Teams work across the planet. Families don’t live in the same city anymore. LetsVidya bridges all of those through team building, family activities, or a friend group hangout. 

So what has LetsVidya done for me, personally? With LetsVidya we’ve been able to hang out with friends actually engaging and doing something. We’ve had date nights of trying out something new with friends we haven’t met yet and with groups of our friends. LetsVidya has given us a unique and fun way to connect and meet up with friends and family back home in the states on both coasts. Let’sVidya is a means to still go ‘out’ with my friends without the hassle of finding a babysitter every time or worrying about how we are a bit far from some of our people. And let’s face it, there are nights you really want to do something, but you just don’t want to leave your house. With COVID-19 we’ve had to make some changes. Distancing from other people is not how we usually roll in our house. Before March we had people over a few nights a week. LetsVidya gave us some much-needed entertainment and friend time. 

What can LetsVidya provide for you? It’s all in what you want. Are you looking for a way to learn something new? Do you want to meet up with friends and actually do something?  Are you looking to have new adventures with friends and family, near or far? Do you and your work team need to build trust or efficiency? Do you want to meet new people while doing something you enjoy or testing out new experiences? All of that and more can be done with LetsVidya. It has given us some pretty spectacular experiences and we have, without a doubt, enjoyed each one. Check it out and see where LetsVidya can connect with you. And the best part? You can do it right from home right now.


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