Amazing Experiences

Amazing Experiences

It does not take a lot of research to figure out that as a people group we do not have much margin in our lives. In fact, a quick google search about busyness will return articles like “Why are Americans so obsessed with how busy they are”, or “You Are Way Too Busy; It’s Hampering Your Ability To Think And Be Productive”. If you fine-tune your google search and use the word “work” then you are likely to find a link to the Bureau of Labor Statistics page where data is tracked annually on how Americans spend their hours each week. But again, you don’t need these articles or the research to tell you that there is not much empty space in our schedule. 

Furthermore, it does not matter how busy you are, there is always someone who wants you to add another event to your schedule. We all know how these conversations go, you have just gotten home from a long day and sat down on the couch, the phone rings and it’s a friend you have not seen in a while who wants you to go to an event with them, and while you would love to see your friend you start giving them the list of reasons it won’t work right now. The truth is, the idea of another event on your calendar sounds exhausting. Most likely, what has happened in your brain during that split second was a quick evaluation of the time and energy you are committing to your friend’s event, and if it will be worth your investment. Will you have fun? Will you leave with less energy than when you got there? Will what they want to do be life-giving to you? You don’t just want to add an event to your schedule for the sake of adding an event, the blank spaces in your schedule are important and you want to protect them. At the end of the day when you commit to things and you want to know that the time and energy you are committing will be valuable. 

We (LetsVidya) totally understand and appreciate the desire to have your time commitments matter and want to ensure that you leave our experiences feeling like it’s been valuable. Each of our experiences has been designed with groups of people just like you in mind, and are led by one of our professional hosts. Not only does this put all the stress of planning on us, but it means the only thing you have to worry about is having a good time. 

In addition to designing around people and professional hosts, we value experiences over events. No one wants to fill their calendars with events, but there is something about experiences that draws people in. So, what is the difference between an event and an experience and how is LetVidya ensuring you have an experience?

  1. Events you attend, experiences you engage: When we at LetsVidya think about events, we get the clip from Peanuts where the teacher is talking in our minds. Everyone is sitting in the classroom and all that is heard is “wa wa wa wa wa wa.” That is the way events are, you show up, but does your presence add value to what is going on? Regardless of who is in the room, that teacher is going to keep “wa wa wa wa” ing. Experiences on the other hand are often defined by the people who engage in them. LetsVidya experiences are designed so that everyone has a voice, everyone gets to engage, and everyone adds value to the overall experience. You participating in the experience is one of the catalysts for making it great. 
  2. Events lack emotions, experiences evoke them: Have you ever been with a group of friends and one of them starts to reminiscence on something you all did together? Chances are that if you recall what they are talking about there is an emotion tied to it. Positive or negative, as you discuss what happened an emotion boils up inside of you. That is because experiences evoke emotions in us for years to come, they rarely leave us feeling neutral. However, if, as your friend is talking, you feel neutral about what they are sharing it’s probably something you viewed as an event. LetsVidya’s goal is that as you look back on a LetsVidya experience and a smile comes across your face because the emotion being evoked is one of joy and happiness. We are going to do everything in our power to ensure that your time with us evokes positive emotions that you can recall on a moment’s notice for years to come. 
  3. Events are 1 in a million, experiences are unforgettable: Birthday parties, weddings, graduations, a vacation, a first date, a breakup, and a funeral are all things that we will remember for years to come because they are unforgettable. A large part of this memory is tied to the emotions discussed above, but the other component is that they were experiences that were special to us. Events on the other hand are easily forgotten because there are so many that are attended every day. Events tend to blur together, while experiences stand out. Journals and diaries are not filled with memories of events, but memories of experiences. Your time with LetsVidya will be one of those experiences you talk about with your friends and family for years to come. 
  4. Events are made for the masses, experiences are personalized: When planning an event the questions that are answered are those such as “how do we maximize this space?” or “how do we keep track of all our attendees?” Participants at an event become just a ticket sale and a number to keep track of. Experiences on the other hand are designed with the individual in mind. When planning our experiences, LetsVidya is asking how we make sure that each participant has the best time possible. Each experience a participant attends is hand-picked by them and led by a host who is passionate about making sure they have a great time. Our professional hosts will have personal contact with participants, welcoming them, and ensuring they don’t need anything during the experience. 

We don’t want to ask you to attend another event, we know that you don’t have space in your calendar nor the desire to do so. However, what we do want to offer you is the chance to make memories, connect with friends and family, meet people who have a common interest, and at the end of the day have an experience. We would love for you to engage in something designed with you in mind that evokes emotion as you talk about it, thus making it unforgettable. In short, we are excited to have you and your friends and family participate in one of our amazing experiences.

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